American Indian Language and Culture Education

Any school enrolling American Indian students may choose to establish an American Indian Language and Culture Education (AILCE) Program designed to make the curriculum more relevant to the needs, interests, and cultural heritage of American Indian students. Components may include instruction in language, literature, history, and culture; staff training; and vocational education. Such programs must have a parental advisory committee. Additional information on AILCE program requirements is found in Wis. Stats. Ch. 115, Subch. IV.

STAFF: State law includes provisions for certification of school staff working in American Indian Language and Culture Education. Licenses are available for:

Chapter PI 34 of the Administrative Code, Subchapter IX, sections 34.34 (7) - (9) describes eligibility criteria for each license. Verification of the required knowledges and competencies is typically verified by the appropiate tribal education department.

GRANT: The American Indian Language and Culture Grant was eliminated in the 2003-05 budget. All available grant monies were expended in April 2003.




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